Pantry Design Possibilities

Pantries have been a popular way to store food and cooking and serving utensils for a long time. Originally used to store extra food through the winter, they can be extra cabinets or an extra room off the kitchen, depending on space and budgetary considerations.

  • The most popular pantry is about the size of a refrigerator.
  • Elaborate pantries might include a sink, a small refrigerator, a warming drawer or a microwave.
  • This butler’s pantry borrows its architecture and sense of formality from the dining room.
  • The most popular pantry is a 24-inch deep cabinet with pullout drawers for storage of dry goods.
  • Another style of pantry is actually an extra room off the kitchen with floor to ceiling open shelving.
  • Modern pantries are becoming more elaborate, often having beautiful cabinetry and extra appliances, like a microwave, refrigerator and wine cooler.
  • A butler’s pantry is different from a kitchen pantry. Located off the dining room, it is used for storage of china and serving pieces, as well as a preparation area to service the dining room.
  • Since it is visible from the dining room, a butler’s pantry is more formal than a kitchen pantry. Its style and features often match those of the dining room. Columns, beveled glass cabinets, crown molding and beautiful sinks and countertops might be used.
  • A functional and beautiful pantry requires careful planning, with consideration of specific storage needs and entertaining lifestyle.

The kitchen design you have in mind can fit one kind, or maybe even multiple types of pantries.  Speak to a kitchen designer near you and everything will come together like you can never imagine!