Artistic Kitchen Designs offers a wide range of possibilities when it comes to contemporary kitchens. From Art Deco kitchens to Transitional Kitchens and beyond, contemporary kitchens can add a very unique quality to a home that many feel is essential. Explore all the options of contemporary kitchens with the help of Artistic Kitchen Designs!

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KITCHEN STYLES : Art Deco Kitchens / Green Kitchens / Industrial Kitchens / Minimalist Kitchens / Transitional Kitchens

Contemporary Kitchens are some of the most common kitchen styles today.  They’re warm, cozy, and considered by many to be the “second family room”.  You’ll often find Granite or Coriane countertops, tile or wood flooring, as well as ample storage spaces in Contemporary Kitchens.  Contemporary kitchen cabinets are a must, and a pantry is often installed for convenience.

While it is true that some people prefer a more rustic feel to their kitchen, there is no denying the inherent benefits of a more  morden Kitchens. A Contemporary style of  Kitchens is mostly practical while still allowing for an elegant look in small proportions.

The sleek look that a contemporary Kitchen achieves will provide instant gratification for you and your family. The practical use of space allows for more movement in the kitchen and provides easier access to all the storage areas and necessary equipment.  Also, the use of contemporary colors in the custom kitchen design provides a more open feeling which adds to the functional atmosphere of the space.

On top of this, these popular kitchen designs have even become more affordable in recent years due to advances in technology and increased competition. There are also more choices in Contemporary Kitchen cabinets, countertops, and other fixtures available today than ever before which again, adds to the appeal of the style.

No matter what your exact tastes and preferences, there is a Contemporary custom Kitchen design that will meet all your specific needs.  Styles include:

  • Art Deco Kitchens
  • Transitional Kitchens
  • Minimalist Kitchens
  • Industrial Kitchens
  • Green Kitchens

Whichever contemporary kitchen design style you like, Artistic Kitchen Designs can make it a reality in your home, office, restaurant, or other kitchen space.

Artistic Kitchen Designs  is an award-winning New York kitchen and bath design company. Our certified kitchen designers  provide you with the finest, high-end custom kitchen and bath designs in the 5 Boros and surrounding area. We are a leading firm with a complete kitchen showroom  ranging from modern kitchens to Italian Kitchens to traditional and, of course, contemporary kitchens.

Whether your project is for a remodel or new construction, our dedicated staff of specialists will guide you through every step of the way, from the initial planning stages through the selection of products and ending with our expert installation. With over 15 years in the business, we know everything there is to know about custom kitchen designs  and bath needs.  Give us a call and see how all our knowledge and experience will benefit your project today

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