Art Deco Kitchens

Art Deco Kitchen Designs

Art Deco is one of the most popular styles of contemporary kitchens. Basic and easy to incorporate into any design theme, the Art Deco style fuses modern and traditional elements into one style that is practical, aesthetically pleasing, and inexpensive. This makes Art Deco kitchen designs an excellent choice whether you’re remodeling your kitchen, or starting from scratch.

What Exactly Is Art Deco?

You will find the Art Deco style in many different areas of design, from fashion and jewelry, to industrial and visual arts.  It embraces influence from several styles including modernism, neoclassical, and it embodies elegance, glamor, modernity, and functionality.

Designers draw their influence from the Art Deco Style to inspire new ideas when designing and remodeling modern kitchens. It is distinguished by bold and linear symmetry, which allows Art Deco styled custom kitchen designs to incorporate clean lines and minimalist concepts. This translates into a neat looking environment with design elements that stand out. Exterior features often include irregular shapes, geometric ornamentation, metal windows, as well as horizontal and vertical banding.

Art Deco Kitchen Designs Offer Affordable Flooring Options

A few flooring options that are often explored when considering an art deco style are linoleum and porcelain tiles. Linoleum is available in wide varieties of geometric patterns and colors. By using linoleum to accent an art deco kitchen design we enable further use of what makes an art deco design true to nature; geometric patterns and the use of colors. If budget is a concern, which in most cases it is, we suggest using the linoleum floor versus the porcelain tile to keep the cost factors down when designing your art deco kitchen.

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets Work Perfectly With An Art Deco Design

When combing contemporary kitchen cabinets and an art deco kitchen design it achieved a sleek and clean look.  Elaborate hardware isn’t necessary because remember, the idea behind Art Deco is simplicity and minimalism.  Instead, to conform to the modern style, many of the cabinet choices offer either very small, or sometimes, no hardware at all.



Use Tile To Add That Special Touch

Using tile elements in your design offers an easy way to add some flair to an Art Deco inspired kitchen.  Incorporating either ceramic or porcelain tiles into your art deco inspired kitchen design will add vibrant colors and geometric shapes that we are used to seeing.  Both materials are available in a variation of colors, textures, and patterns when incorporated into the modern kitchen design will add a luxurious feel as well as function to your kitchen.

Kitchen Appliances Of All Styles Fit With A Contemporary Kitchen Design

The topic of appliances comes up frequently when designing a kitchen, more commonly in today’s designs we incorporate stainless steel appliances. But once again if you are on a budget less expensive white appliance can be used as well.

Here at Artistic Kitchen Designs we have experience working in all kinds of styles including Art Deco.  We enjoy using all of our skills in custom kitchen design to help you create the kitchen of your dreams that will also fit your unique lifestyle.