Green Kitchens

Green (Eco-Friendly) Kitchens
With more and more eco-friendly measures being taken in all aspects of daily life, kitchen designers and homeowners can now find a wide variety of products that are not only beautiful and functional, but also earth friendly too!  As a result, contemporary kitchens with “green” features are steadily growing in popularity as more people are gaining heightened awareness of the impact their choices have on the environment.

With the rise of eco-friendly products, kitchen designers and suppliers can create green kitchens in most any style including traditional, artistic and even Italian kitchens. These eco friendly kitchen building products help lower a home or business establishment’s carbon footprint too, while still accommodating all the design needs of the project at hand, be it a kitchen remodel or new construction.

Eco Friendly Kitchen Flooring Options Abound
Starting with the flooring, there is now a wide array of renewable flooring materials that will easily fit in with custom kitchen designs. Bamboo and cork are perfect examples.

Bamboo flooring, which is available in various styles and stains, is durable, easy to install, and flexible.  Best of all, Bamboo is a plant that is easily and quickly replenished.  All of these features combined make Bamboo an excellent green building material.

Cork, like bamboo, may be purchased in a variety of colors and textures. Being as durable as hardwood, cork flooring adds a fine yet eco friendly touch to modern kitchens. Cork is versatile and, it also provides cold and noise insulation.  And remember, no tree was cut to supply your home with a beautiful wood floor because cork is harvested from the bark of a growing tree!

Make Your Kitchen Countertops Earth Friendly Easily
Kitchen countertops may also be made to be as environmentally friendly as your floors. One the current options is to go with a recycled glass countertop.  Made of crushed glass and resin, recycled glass countertops come with a smooth finish and are available in a wide array of beautiful colors that make this a versatile and modern kitchen countertop choice for most any style kitchen.

Homeowners and kitchen designers who want their contemporary kitchens to be eco-friendly also have the option of using recycled metal countertops or, engineered stone.  Using recycled materials like these not only provides your kitchen with a durable work surface, but, they also add color, texture, and a unique stylish touch to any modern kitchen design.

Green Lighting Options Offer Energy Efficiency AND Lower Electric Bills
When it comes to lighting your green kitchen it’s a very eco friendly choice to use skylights, or even better, a sun tunnel.  These products help reduce electricity consumption while adding the brilliance of the sun to your home.  Not only that, the use of these eco friendly lighting options offers no cost lighting for the rest of the life of the house!

Where you can’t utilize options like skylights and sun tunnels, try to choose the most energy efficient kitchen lighting fixtures and bulbs possible.  The simple fact is, the less electricity you use, the greener your kitchen and your wallet will be!

Using Energy Efficient Appliances In Your Eco Friendly Kitchen Pays Off In The End
When creating a kitchen design, another green investment that can be made is purchasing energy efficient appliances.  This may seem to cost a little bit more at the outset but can actually help save a lot in energy costs over the long term life of the appliance. Try checking whether your government offers incentives to citizens implementing energy-efficient measures at home too; another great way to save money on your eco friendly kitchen and appliances!

The key to creating eco-friendly custom kitchen designs is using renewable materials and limiting waste. Anyone can come up with a solution and play an active role in the preservation of our environment.  To get started, get in touch with Artistic Kitchen Designs and see how we can help you create your eco friendly kitchen today!