Industrial Kitchens

Industrial Kitchens
Artistic Kitchen Designs builds and remodels contemporary kitchens to serve industrial purposes such as in restaurants, bars, and many other types of business establishments. The functionality of an Industrial kitchen is essential, which is why careful planning and custom kitchen design is of the utmost importance.

Business owners can not afford to make mistakes with their industrial kitchen design as the consequences of poor planning could affect the bottom line in the end. A well-planned and designed industrial kitchen on the other hand will not only save you unnecessary spending, but, will also ensure the efficiency of your staff and daily operations.

Getting Started On A Custom Kitchen Design For An Industrial Kitchen
Our designers here at Artistic Kitchen Designs begin the process of building/remodeling contemporary kitchens for our industrial clients by taking into consideration the amount of available space, the main purpose the kitchen will serve, our clients’ budget, as well as the kind of food products that are cooked or processed in the kitchen.

Plumbing, ventilation, refrigeration, and sanitation are all important aspects of a custom kitchen design for an industrial use kitchen too.  And, an in-depth understanding of the way the work area needs to flow is necessary as well so that the kitchen design can accommodate the highest functionality as well as effective space allocation.

Industrial Kitchen Appliances And Equipment Must Also Be Considered
Heavy-duty stainless steel equipment is a common feature of modern kitchens built for industrial use. This is because they don’t need to just look nice, but, the appliances used in an industrial kitchen need to also be durable and highly functional.

Many contemporary kitchens that are used for industrial purposes also have certain types of appliances and equipment that is essential for their unique type of situation.  The custom kitchen design will account for this and help to create a way to bring these often very large pieces of industrial kitchen equipment into the overall design so that preparation, cooking, receiving, and storage are all organized in ways that flow properly for the situation.

Lighting And Other Necessities Of The Industrial Kitchen Design
Fluorescent lighting is the most recommended for contemporary kitchens. This type of lighting is efficient and does not give out excessive heat; which most industrial kitchens have more than enough of already!

Along these same lines, proper ventilation is paramount and improves the quality of all industrial kitchens. A ventilation device usually consists of a collection device, which may be wire mesh, baffle, or liquid, and a motor to move the air throughout the space.

The location and type of fuel source the kitchen requires is also an important part of the industrial kitchen not to be overlooked during the custom kitchen design process. Choices include natural gas, propane, electric, and sometimes wood.

Last But Not Least, The Finishing Touches For The Industrial Custom Kitchen Design
One of the other things to consider during the custom kitchen design process is floor coverings.  Floor coverings used in an industrial kitchen should be non-slip for the safety of the kitchen staff first and look good second; and there are quite a few materials that can do both of these jobs well.

Tiles or high-gloss finish paint may be used on the kitchen walls so they’re easy to clean.  And, for ease of use, kitchen designers will consider the best areas to include storage and shelving in the industrial kitchen.  Again, this is dependent on the available space and the individual purpose of the kitchen but some of the areas to consider for extra storage are the dishwashing area, receiving area, and the garbage disposal area.

As you can see, there is quite a bit to think about when creating a functional and effective custom kitchen design for an industrial kitchen.  Don’t make a mistake that will cost you in the end.  Instead, let Artistic Kitchen Designs help you build the contemporary kitchen you need for the specific service you offer.