Minimalist Kitchens

Minimalist Kitchens
When looking for a custom kitchen design to suit a small space many people find that the minimalist kitchen is what works the best.  Minimalist kitchens offer a special simplicity, and their ability to blend into the surrounding home or office can add to the appeal of this kitchen design style.

What Is A Minimalist Custom Kitchen Design?
Minimalist kitchen designs are defined by straight lines, non-bold colors, and sleek design elements.  Accessories and appliances used in a minimalist kitchen are usually in neutral colors such as black or gray to keep with the simple style.

Although minimalist kitchens can be created out of larger spaces, one of the main goals of this type of modern kitchen is to give the owner a functional space in the otherwise tight quarters of an apartment, small home, or other type of kitchen with limited space.

What Would Be Found In A Minimalist Kitchen?
The typical minimalist kitchen is equipped with the basic appliances such as the oven, a refrigerator, and possibly a dishwasher.  The size of the appliances depends on the space, but generally, in a minimalist kitchen design, the appliances are all just a bit smaller than standard.  All of the appliances would preferably come from the same manufacturer too so as to provide for a more uniform look to the kitchen.

It is not uncommon for the table near the sink to double as the dining table.  Chairs often come without a backrest so they blend into the table.  Since the table and chairs are part of this contemporary kitchen instead of a separate dining area, kitchen designers recommend having them be the same color as the room’s dominant color so they blend into the kitchen design more easily.

How About Kitchen Cabinets?
Contemporary kitchen cabinets are usually placed wherever possible surrounding the essential appliances in a minimalist kitchen design.  This is done in order to achieve a compact, symmetrical look.  It’s done to save space too!  The key with kitchen cabinets in a minimalist kitchen design is for them to maximize the space and create sensible storage options, while also blending into the surrounding kitchen and often the home as a whole.

What Color Combinations Look Good In A Minimalist Kitchen
Black-and-white is a popular color combination for minimalist kitchens. Dark red and grey are also often combined with either or both of these colors, creating a powerful yet simple effect.

Many select wood for their minimalist kitchen design too because it can bring a warmth to the space that might otherwise be lacking.  Color choices in the minimalist kitchen design can often be dependent on the surrounding rooms of your kitchen as well since for many, the goal of the minimalist kitchen is to blend into the overall home or office space.

The combination of a minimalist kitchen design with modern technology enables homeowners to save time and space and promotes a smooth flow of activities when working in a smaller kitchen.   If you decide that a minimalist kitchen would suit your lifestyle, Artistic Kitchen Designs can help. Our design portfolio covers an extensive range of contemporary kitchens, including the minimalist kitchen. Our designers help build or remodel kitchens of all sizes in the style to meet our customers’ individual needs.