Italian Kitchen Design & Cabinets

An Italian Kitchen includes the use elegant cabinetry details, warm colors, and soft lighting.

Italian kitchens provide a relaxed and casual feel while being sweetly stylish. They are very practical for home usage.

An Italian Kitchen often provides a sense of a Countryside feeling
Rich blue, sea green, deep red, orange, yellow, and lavender are frequently used Italian Kitchen colors.
Popular additions to an Italian kitchen can include exposed beams, a fireplace, and slate or stone which highlight the natural structures of the kitchen and are very charming.

Italian Kitchen Lighting Options Are Natural and Soft
Soft lighting is a big part of the warmth in the Italian style custom kitchen design. It is a vital aspect of creating an authentic Italianate feel as Tuscan kitchens are lit by sunlight during the daytime, and candles at night.

We carry the most popular styles include which include solid wood Tuscany cabinets and the sleeker Milan-inspired designs.