Modern / Contemporary Kitchens

Composit is an Italian-based industrial firm that supplies contemporary kitchen cabinets and furnishings to the international market. The trademarked brand is a leader when it comes to products for modern kitchens because they’re concerned both with the development of high quality products as well as the current trends in home design.

Aran Cucine is also one of the best designers, producers, and distributors of products for contemporary kitchens around the world. Offering original and high-quality products that exude elegance, minimalism, and sleekness; the brand adds a stylish and modern touch to any custom kitchen design.

Caesarstone is a top choice when it comes to quartz kitchen countertops. Seamlessly combining form and function, Caesarstone quartz countertops are highly resistant to stains, scratches, and heat due to their extremely durable material. The countertops come available in a wide variety of patterns, styles, colors, and materials to fit all kinds of modern kitchens and other types of custom kitchen designs