Townhouse Kitchens

When looking at multi residential kitchen design, townhouses, like apartments and condominiums, offer unique opportunities to challenge custom kitchen designers.  Creating a functional kitchen in the often limited space of a dwelling like a townhouse is not always easy.

Many things need to be considered when building or remodelling a townhouse kitchen due to the flow of the overall living area as well as the kitchen itself.  Maximizing space is of course a top priority as is creating a work area that is enjoyable and welcoming to be in.

An Open Floor Plan Can Make The Space Feel Larger
As a custom kitchen design for a townhouse kitchen is being formed, it’s important to explore options that make the space feel larger and more inviting.  One of the ways to achieve this is to design an open floor plan

Allow the kitchen to blend right into the living room and maybe even the dining area.  Use a bar, or island as a natural dividing line but the feel overall is still open.  This gives the kitchen and the other rooms of the house a sense of being bigger than they really are and can add a degree of functionality too that isn’t present with full walls dividing the kitchen from the rest of the townhouse.

Modern Kitchens Offer Options To Townhouses Not Available Before
From the use of contemporary kitchen cabinets to save space and provide storage options, to the availability of compact appliances that save square feet and energy, custom kitchen designs for modern townhouse kitchens offer the resident many more options than were available even just a few years ago.  This makes devising creative ways to use space in a townhouse kitchen much easier, and more affordable than it used to be.

Use Style And Color To Bring Out The Best Of A Townhouse Kitchen
Whether it’s a Contemporary kitchen, Transitional kitchen, Italian kitchen, Country kitchen, or any other type of kitchen, the townhouse kitchen can be designed in that style!  This provides the resident with flexibility and, the opportunity to personalize their space.

Deciding which colors to use in a townhouse kitchen though needs to be a bit more structured. If colors that are too dark are used, they can take away from other choices made to increase the feeling of space.  This is true for walls and trim as well as flooring, countertops and cabinets.  That’s not to say that you can’t use dark colors in places, but you have to be very careful to maintain the sense of space in the kitchen and using a lighter color palette is a better way to achieve that.

Given all these choices and important aspects to consider when building or remodelling your townhouse kitchen, it’s important the kitchen designer has the experience required to do things right the first time.  That’s why you should talk to Artistic Kitchen Designs.  We have all the skills and the level of experience required to make your townhouse kitchen into your dream kitchen today!