Country Kitchens

Country Kitchen Design
Country style kitchens are a popular choice among those choosing a custom kitchen design for their home, office, or other kitchen space. Country kitchen designs exude simplicity, and are usually described as having a “homey feel” as a result of the personal touches that the design includes.

There Are Many Different Styles Within A Country Kitchen Design
The style of Country kitchen design is multifaceted.  It may be merged with other styles including eclectic style kitchens and modern kitchens. Country Kitchens may even be further sub-categorized into French Country, English Country, Garden, Tuscan Country, and Swedish country; each one includes distinctive elements, yet follows the basic principals of the overall country kitchen design at the same time.

Cabinets Are A Big Part Of A Country Kitchen
Compared to contemporary kitchens, a country style kitchen has a very different style of cabinetry, which is one of the things that sets the country kitchen style apart from many of the others. Old-fashioned cabinets in wood or painted white can be used for a more informal look, but, they may also be dressed up with detailed or glass doors to add accents not possible with other kitchen design styles.

The country custom kitchen design may also include cabinets without doors!  This turns the cabinets into a showcase for the owner’s collection of colorful bowls, plates, or kitchenware. If cabinets are used for display, the back may be lined with colorful wallpapers or bead board panels as a special touch.

Unique Accents And Lighter Colors Complete Your Country Kitchen Design
Country style kitchens are often accentuated with colorful curtains along with pottery, antiques, baskets, and other items like this designed with the past in mind.  Other additions that help create a country custom kitchen design include wall stencils and borders bearing colorful images of fruit, vegetable, cows, roosters, and so on; all of which are traditional motifs associated with the country style of kitchens. A pot rack for holding copper pans and iron skillets can give the right feel to the space as well.

As for colors, a wide variety of color schemes may be applied to country kitchen designs. Aside from white, walls and cabinets may also be painted shades of yellow, green, pale blue, and other lighter colors. Bolder shades like deep blue and rust red, both of which are trademark colors of country kitchen designs, are often used as accents.

As you can see, the most basic looking contemporary kitchens can be transformed into a country style kitchen with the right accessories and furnishings. The overall idea is to create a warm, friendly environment for cooking and dining with the whole family through the use of color, custom cabinetry, and accessories.  Let Artistic Kitchen Designs assist you in making all the right choices for the country kitchen design you’ve always wanted.  Give us a call today to get started.