Italian Kitchens

Italianate Kitchens
Italy is known the world over for having amazing food.  It would stand to reason then that their kitchens would be pretty fantastic too; and they are!  Today, Italian kitchens are a very popular style of traditional custom kitchen design.  Hallmarks of this style include elegant cabinetry details, warm colors, and soft lighting.

Italian kitchens, also now known as Italianate kitchens, are designed in a way that is relaxed and casual yet sweetly stylish.  They’re also practical and homey; a place where family and friends can comfortably share stories and warm, delicious meals just as they would in Italy!

Typical Colors And Accessories Found In Italian Kitchens Evoke The Countryside

When it comes to color schemes, Italian kitchens are known for being representative of the colors of the Italian countryside like rich blue, sea green, deep red, orange, yellow, and lavender.  These colors give the kitchen a warm and refreshing atmosphere, especially when coupled with brightly painted tiles on the floor and/or backsplashes.

Accessories and other fine touches also play a large part in an Italian kitchen design.  The addition of features such as exposed beams, or a fireplace of slate or stone highlights the natural structures of the kitchen and offers a very classic charm.

For furniture, Old-fashioned wooden furniture is commonly used as well as farmhouse style wood kitchen tables and chairs to continue with the theme of nature and warmth.  Above all, Italianate kitchens rely on touches that are special to each individual family.  Items like family photos or an heirloom basket are all welcome and actually essential additions to this kitchen design style.

Italian Kitchen Lighting Options Are Natural and Soft

Soft lighting continues the theme of elegance and warmth in the Italian style custom kitchen design.  It is in fact a large part of creating an authentic Italianate feel as Tuscan kitchens are lit by sunlight during the daytime, and candles at night.

Brass, copper, clay, and terra cotta are the lighting accessories of choice for Italian kitchens.  These types of fixtures offer options that help bring out the natural charm of this custom kitchen design and further the “old world feel” in the space.

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets Offer Italianate Styles And Designs

Italian contemporary kitchen cabinets are available in a wide array of designs, materials, and sizes. The most popular styles include solid wood Tuscany cabinets and the sleeker Milan-inspired designs.

This style of contemporary kitchen cabinets is also often somewhat ornate with details like intricate raised panelling, rope moulding, and custom carved trim; all of which add a very special flair that’s unique to an Italian kitchen design.

Another feature of many Italianate kitchen cabinets is that they’re mounted a little higher off the floor than most contemporary kitchen cabinets.  They’re generally set on legs that allow open space underneath as opposed to built in or attached to the floor.

The Italianate style of custom kitchen design is possible in almost any space.  If you’re interested in creating an Italian kitchen in your home (or any other style for that matter!) give Artistic Kitchen Designs a call today.  We’re happy to review all the options with you so you can have the custom kitchen design you’ve always wanted!